måndag 4 maj 2015

Listen to three new tracks!

Three tracks from our upcoming new record is now available at our bandcamp site!

Go in and listen 'til your ears bleed!


Springtour 2015

We will be playing the shows in Stockholm, Gävle, Umeå, Örebro. Also we will play in Malmö, as a grande finale of this mini tour, on Sunday 17/5.

tisdag 27 maj 2014

Europan tour summer 2014

This is how our tourplan looks like now. Thankful for help with the open dates!

17/7 Hamburg, Germany
18/7 Köln or Amsterdam TBC
19/7 Southern Germany, HELP NEEDED
20/7 Zagreb, Croatia 
21/7 Croatia? HELP NEEDED
22/7 Koper, Slovenia 
23/7 Ljubljana, Slovenia 
24/7 Bratislava, Slovakia 
25/7 Fluff fest, Czech Republic
26/7 Brno, Czech Republic
27/7 Vienna/Budapest? HELP NEEDED
28/7 Vienna/Budapest? HELP NEEDED
29/7 Zilina, Slovakia
30/7 Krakow, Poland TBC
31/7 Warzaw, Poland TBC
1/8 Berlin, Germany
2/8 Leipzig, Germany

E-mail to: xclarax@gmail.com

söndag 26 maj 2013

Beyond Pink on PSL

You can watch us bang our heads to Statement on statements on PSL. I tried to put the video here, but for some reason it didn´t work. A million thanks to the bands that lended us their rehearsal room in Stockholm.

tisdag 21 maj 2013

Short update & Bye Berlin-pic

We played the Köpi streetparty this weekend. Berlin was fun as always.

The 19th of June we will play at Debaser in Malmö.